2014 Bluebird Report

This year was BFNC’s fifth year of maintaining a nest box trail in the Simcoe County area. The newest trail set up near Barrie Hills Farms proved once again to be very successful and our more established trail near Tangle Creek Golf Course was also a success. The trail in northeast Barrie (on Ski Trails Road) was a bit of a concern to us this year, as last year the crops planted by the farmers in the area were changed to corn. As we know bluebirds prefer low pasture or grasslands and this trail became unsuitable for bluebird nesting. As it turned out, we had two very late successful nests on the Ski Trails Road trail.


In total we recorded 59 fledged bluebirds and in the past five years, a total of 185 bluebirds have come from our nest boxes.

The first Bluebird sighting on the BFNC trail was April 11th – about 2 weeks earlier than last year. The first nest was observed on the Barrie Hill trail on April 20th and the first eggs were laid on April 27th. In 2014 we had a total of 17 pairs of Bluebirds (up from 10 pairs in 2013). 23 nests were constructed and 97 eggs were laid. The mortality rate this year was quite high (59 fledglings from 97 eggs).


Tree Swallows were active throughout the trail laying 144 eggs in 28 nest boxes. Over the past five years we have fledged a total of 384 Tree Swallows from our nest boxes. Overall the summer of 2014 was a very successful Bluebird season.




In late September we held a Bluebird Nest Box Building Workshop. BFNC volunteers helped to build and paint 32 nest boxes for the continued expansion of our bluebird trails.