BFNC maintains and monitors two bluebird nest box trails in the area.  Currently we have 60 nest boxes installed.  We hope to add more boxes to expand our trail each year.  The bluebird boxes were built and installed by BFNC volunteers. 

The nest boxes are installed on metal poles (donated by International Water Supply & GEEP). We rely on volunteers to monitor the nest boxes and feed the bluebirds when required.  Boxes must be monitored weekly (more frequently during extreme weather conditions). 


    chicks in nestMF with mealwormfledglings on feeder

Bluebirds may locate and even begin to defend nest boxes well before the start of the breeding season.  Once the bluebirds begin building a nest, a feeding station is set up and mealworms are provided.  The mealworms supplement the bluebird's diet and encourages nesting. 


DSC05119    edited fledgeling  


We are happy to report that in the past three years BFNC nestboxes successfully fledged 76 bluebirds and 174 tree swallows.